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The “Casa de la Condesa” is a historic building dating from the end of the 16th century, an ancestral house with a small, romantic garden. There in the shade of the four linden trees, you can find infinite rest and relaxation. The walls of the house are made of rammed earth and mud. They are really thick, making the house cool in summer and warm and cosy in winter.

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The façade has a classical composition, with tidy balconies, a stone base and a beautiful entrance portal sculpted with a star-studded arch which invites you to follow the Way of the Stars. A listed Heritage building, it bears witness to the importance the clear night skies have had for mankind since ancient times. The Ocón Valley is one of the stellar parks of La Rioja and is regarded as a Starlight Reserve and a Biosphere Reserve.


Situated next to the “Our Lady of Virtues” parish church, which was also begun in the 16th century, the house is one of the oldest edifices in El Redal, if not the oldest, since it is situated right on the crossraods which was the village’s primordial urban origins. The crossroads between the road linking the Castle of the Villa de Ocón with Ausejo-Alcanadre-Lodosa-Estella and the El Redal-Corera-Galilea-Murillo-Logroño route.

The roof is old triple-pitched and Arabic tiled on a structure of columns, exposed wooden beams and joists. All the carpentry is made of wood. The layout of the spaces is that of a typical rural rioja mansion house, with a central staircase in three sections with rooms off the and lit by natural ight from a typical skylight. It also has a well, wine cellar and “gloria” (underfloor heating system), characteristic of rural architecture.


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